'HAMMOCK' fountain / 2013 / for Clou

This design is a start of a whole new line of washbasins and fountains. Starting with 3 models of fountains:
The 3 sizes are manufactured in a marmorlike white composite; available in high gloss or a matt surface.

The fluent inner lines are in contrast with the sharp, square outside lines, giving the design a special look. A new intriguing detail is the waterstop; this specially made silicone part can be used in a low and high position; therefore giving the possibility to have a free waterflow or (in low position) to create water inside the basin and the silicone part then functions as an overflow. The silicone waterstop is available in 5 different colors to give your toilet room an extra color!

The whole HAMMOCK series will be completed with 3 sizes of washbasins, matching mirrors and a extensive module cupboard-programm, presented at the ISH fair Frankfurt, march 2015.

Hammock fountainset