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The Andrieskapel has been chosen winner by both the professional jury and public jury!

Yesterday, 13-09-2019, we proudly received the Victor de Stuers-prize from Vivianne Heijnen, alderman Economics Maastricht. This price is awarded every 2 years for the best architectonic project built in the city of Maastricht.

We are very happy we won the professional jury-prize as well as the public-prize.

We want to thank everyone for supporting us, and who has voted for, our beautiful project, the Andrieskapel.

Andrieskapel wins Victor de Steurs Prize



But is this also the winner? That is up to you!
You can cast your vote untill August 30 using this link:

We are proud to announce that for the 4th time a project by "HVN ARCHITECTEN" has been nominated! But what makes the re-use of the Andries Chapel so special?

The unoccupied 14th-century chapel was given a new purpose as a result of the conversion into a studio and gallery, thereby preserving this important heritage. The most sustainable form of construction! This redevelopment illustrates the best solution on how to deal with vacant religious heritage. The design came about in a special synergy of different design disciplines: Architect Jos Nijssen of HVN ARCHITECTEN, client and Industrial Designer Rene Holten and partner Danielle Colson. The project was carried out in-house and the self-motivation of Rene and Danielle not only made the plan financially feasible, but also resulted in an unprecedented degree of perfection in the finishing. The chapel will be opened regularly for exhibitions and other purposes. Hopefully these arguments will help you make your choice!


February 22, 2019:

After years of restoration and rebuilding, the Andrieskapel has been officially opened on February 22, 2019 in the presence of Maastricht's alderman Mr. Krabbendam, architect Jos Nijssen, family and friends.

The chapel will be utilized as a designstudio and atelier for René Holten and Daniëlle Colson. Furthermore during it's function as a gallery for art exhibitions it will be open to the public.

Please visit for more information.

Opening of the Andrieskapel

Location of the Andrieskapel:


March, 2019:

From March 16 to 24 the first exhibition will take place in the Andrieskapel.

The TAO series will be put on display for the first time The sculptural models of the TAO series are positioned between art and design and are produced and handcrafted by René Holten and Daniëlle Colson in limited edition.

Please visit for more information.

3D impression #1 of the design



Oktober 2018:

With its impressive 70 cm (27”) diameter and 3 rotating elements, absolutely silent witnesses of time. The inner element indicates seconds, the middle ring indicates hours, while the outer indicates minutes.

OOCLOCK is made from top class materials. The dials are made of steel. Coated in several colours, and also available with finishes of beautiful metal oxides, and even gold-plated. It does not need any maintenance, and setting the time is a real pleasure. OOCLOCK sets up a wifi connection to your mobile phone and you can set the time to any value you choose in the menu on your mobile phone.

René Holten is designer of OOCLOCK. The productdevelopment and technical engineering of OOCLOCK is done by Gidy Knoors and Matthijs Hajer of 2Creatics. See their website at:




September 2018:

The restoration and rebuilding of the Andrieskapel in Maastricht is halfway. In the beginning of 2018 we started with the restoration of the windows, doors and facades. In the last five months the new floors and working volumes have been constructed, the new steel staircase has been installed and the concrete floor, with floor heating, has been made. We are very pleased that the building proces is still on schedule.

Now we can start with the carpentry, plastering, painting and electrics-, heating- and light-installations. When everything goes well we hope to finish the whole building process in 4 or 5 months and we can open our beautiful new work- and exhibition space.

Please visit for more information.


Kapel collage



Oktober 2017: 21-29 Oktober. Chair 'MOOD' wil be exhibited on de DDW (Dutch Design Week) in de 'Kazerne', Paradijslaan 2-8, Eindhoven.

'MOOD' is now extended with a active version. Plus 2 seating ergonomics, 5 different bases, 4 upholstery styles and possible in all kinds of leathers, textiles and colors, the possibilities are endless.
One of the bases for 'MOOD' is made of a special bended and laser-cutted piece of inox. This base is shown on the fair.

Come and visit us on the largest design-event of the Netherlands.

MOOD at Dutch Design Week

The chair "MOOD" is part of the exposition Material Design, organised by Embracing Exchange, sponsered by the City of Maastricht and Provincie Limburg.

Dutch Design Exchange

‘OPEN MONUMENTENDAG’, September 2017:

September 10, 2017: The Andrieskapel is open for viewing from 12.00 PM till 19.00 PM, that day is ‘Open Monumentendag’ in Maastricht.
The construction plans have been submitted at the city hall and will be on display in the Andrieskapel.

Please visit for more information.

Below are some 3D impression of the plans.

3D impression #1 of the design

3D impression #2 of the design

New sofa 'Fauve'
presented at the IMM fair Cologne

February 2017:
New sofa 'Fauve' is designed for the Belgian furniture company INDERA.
The sofa is designed as a modular system. This system gives great possibillities in creating your own perfect seating area. There is a contrast between the tight upholstered base and the soft down pillows.
The result is a modern and very comfortable sofa.

Fauve Bank for Indera by René Holten Fauve bank for Indera by René Holten


November 2O16:
After 9 months of negotiation René Holten has bought the 'Rijksmonument', the Sint Andrieskapel (Chapel of St. Andries); a small church built in the 14th Century, being one of the oldest Churches of Maastricht; it is situated within the heart of the new creative centre (Shpinxkwartier) of Maastricht.

After a restauration- and a rebuilding process this fabulous place will be the new workspace for our design-atelier. Besides our own new space we are also planning to open the Sint-Andrieskapel on a regular basis for design- and art-exhibitions.

We are planning to make this a great new place for our own atelier and the design- and art-community.

UPDATE: Please see the official opening of the Andrieskapel.



René Holten wins REDDOT-award 'best of best'

April 2O16:
Dutch designer René Holten's design wins the prestigious and highly prized 'Red Dot Award' for product design with the 'Hammock' innovative double bath and accomodating 'Kaldur' tap.

The double bath 'Hammock' and 'Kaldur' tap designed by René Holten for bathroom specialist CLOU who has been awarded the prestigious and highly prized Red Dot Award: 'Best of the Best'.
The 41-member jury reached an unanimous decision after the organization received 5,214 submissions from manufacturers from 57 countries for the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016.
Their decision was accompanied with a clear motivation: 'This is the very best of design! Ground-breaking products in the world of international bathroom design that deserve the title 'Best of the Best'.

Hammock + Kaldur

Hammock + Kaldur

'latte', stadsmeubel City of Maastricht

Oktober 2O15:
Latte Stadsmeubel is designed in collaboration with the Maastricht Design Collective 'Het Werkgebouw'. This project is commissioned by and designed for the city of Maastricht. 'Latte' is a modular seating program with different heights to suit both children and adults. Various setups are possible because of their wedge design. 'Latte' is designed and produced in a sustainable way by local craftsmen using only natural materials.

Latte Stadsmeubel

New website and new logo launched

April 2O14:
New logo and new corporate identity in cooperation with Hugo Thomassen (photography) and Miranda Reijnders (visual graphic Design). New website in cooperation with Pista Hajdú of, office for Web Design, 3D Modeling and Web Hosting.

New website and new logo launched


April 2O14:
New productrange ‘MOOD’ launched succesfully at furniture fair ‘Salone di Mobile’ Milaan, Italy.

For international renowed furniture company ARTIFORT, René Holten designed an upholstered dining and conference chair ‘MOOD’. A chair with different styles for different kinds of use. Five different bases, four different styles of upholstery and a huge amount of fabric and colour options. Everything is possible within this new range of chairs: you can choose your ideal chair for every mood.


New bOOklet available

March 2O14:
A small book with a lot of beautiful pictures. A selection of product-designs of René Holten of the last decade have their place in this small but beautiful book. With designs for companies like Clou, Artifort and Concrete Urban design. A book that has been made in close collaboration with photographer Hugo Thomassen and graphic designer Miranda Reijnders. Hugo Thomassen is responsible for most of the pictures, almost half of them made especially for this book!
If you are interested, don’t hesitate to get in contact.

New bOOklet available

Daybed ‘LOUNGER’ presented at the IMM COlOgne 2O14

Januar 2O14:
Daybed ‘LOUNGER’, chairs ‘SHORTY’ and ‘KIRK’ are all succesfully presented and launched at the Internationale Mobelmesse IMM in Cologne, Germany by new furniture brand ‘Concrete Urban Design’.
The new designs are all made by glassfiber reinforced concrete in perfect build moulds made by the, in South Germany-based, company. With ultimate precision the products are casted in the hightech-factory: this results in the most smooth surfaces you can imagine that can be made with concrete.
The designs and inner surfaces are optimized to get the best possible ergonomic comfort with a hard material like concrete, so the seating experience is surprisingly comfortable. And the concrete is designed not in a sturdy manner but ‘light as a sheet of paper’.

Daybed ‘LOUNGER’

Chair 'libel' in design catalog
'modern furniture, 150 years of design'

September 2O13:
Chair 'Libel', designed for the dutch company 'Artifort' has been chosen as one of the design classics for the year 2000. The reference book 'modern furniture, 150 years of design' describes the design period from 1862 till 2012.

>Chair 'libel' in design catalog


April 2O12:

The new chair 'SHARK' is launched at the international furniture fair Salone di Mobile in Milaan.
A new model that got his name by the resemblance with the profile of this predator. But….. you don't have anything to fear from the 'SHARK'; in contrary: the 'SHARK' will give you maximum seating comfort, firm with a good ergonomic formed back to give you hours and hours comfort for a long evening at your dinner table or at a productive meeting at your work.

'Shark' can be upholstered in numerous textiles and colors

Shark chair

NEW DESIGN STUDIO finished at Cannerweg 177


René Holten new studio is finished and will be the new home base for new design ideas and development. 6 great sliding doors will give huge daylight and flexibility. Easier outdoor access and bigger workspaces for more people are created. The new studio is completely build with ecofriendly oregane-pine, and simple basic materials to give a perfect environment for creating new future designs.



March 2O11:

The start of a whole new sanitary design concept for the Dutch company Clou wins the ISH Design Plus award at the ISH Frankfurt ! This award is a recognition of the new series ' WASHME', a whole new line of washbasins (4 sizes), small fountains for toilets (3 sizes), 8 sizes cupboards in more than 100 size and colour-variations that will be come on the market in the next 6 months. These series of washbasins will further strenghten the growing collection of sanitary products of Clou.

Wash wins deisgn plus award




Snowwhite, elegant, thin, with a smooth marmorlike surface. Easy to clean, functional and trendsetting.
4 chromed legs, coming from a central point will enhance the curves and give the chair a floating character.